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Seetha Holdings (Pvt) Ltd - Sri Lanka

About Us

Seetha Holdings (Pvt) Limited is founded by Desashakthi Mr. L. M. G. Pramachandra in 1982 at heritage city Kandy, Pilimathalawa aiming to service the nation by quality and guaranteed house hold electronic appliances.

Today we have expanded under Seetha Holdings group of companies consisting,

  • Seetha Holdings (Pvt) Ltd (Controlling entity)
  • Seetha Trade Centre (Pvt) Ltd
  • Seetha Investments (Pvt) Ltd
  • Reliance investments co.(pvt) Ltd
  • Alliance trust Investments co. (pvt) Ltd
  • Trans Global Investments co.(pvt) Ltd

with the leader ship of Managing Director/CEO Mr.Luxman Premachandra who is a prominent and veteran businessmen in central region.


To become the leader in transforming houses into pleasant & comfortable homes by providing elegant, quality and modern home appliances to the Sri Lankan people at affordable prices thereby bringing the convenience and comfort to their lives coupled with unparallel after sales service and customer care whilst continuously increasing the well-being of the people who deal with the company and net wealth of the company and discharging the responsibilities to the society in all possible ways.


  • To provide electronic home appliances of world renowned brands to the customers with guaranteed quality, service excellence and utmost customer care thereby assuring a continuous growth of the group.
  • To offer financial assistance to the customers to purchase electronic home appliances from the company so that the net income of the group will increase.
  • To venture into many diversified business fields to offer more services to the customers thus the customer base, customer loyalty and group income will increase and the market risk is minimized.
  • To harness the skills, attitudes and aptitudes of the employees of the company in order to mould them to work as a team with increased efficiency and motivation enabling them to serve customers better.
  • To discharge the duties to the society in all possible ways.


To deliver quality goods and offer excellent customer care services above the industry norms such that customers get more value for money exceeding their perceived levels of satisfaction.

Board Of Directors

  • Founder/Director : Desashakthi Mr.LMG Premachandra
  • Managing Director/CEO :Mr.Luxman Premachandra

Directors :

  • Mrs.Yasoma Gangodawatte
  • Mrs.Sukitha Ranasingha


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