Chairman’s message

Our success lies in our diversity, which contributes immensely to the growth of the Group. Each year, a different division sees the most success. On one hand our diversity, and our Group's entrepreneurial spirit has led to its sustained success over the years. Our entrepreneurial instinct led us to open up a branches in many districts in Sri Lanka.

We have been constantly examining the market to find new products and services areas to become involved in, and try to be innovative by going after new ideas which are emerging in the international markets. We are always looking for new principles and have been quite successful all these years.

An important management tool for the Group has been its use of strategic planning. Today, we have a vision for 2020 which enables us to identify and evaluate new possibilities. There are different ideas we are working to see how we can develop these into our mainstream activities

Our Group has always operated with the aim of enabling the country to grow economically by providing essential services to the country's industries, and its combination of instinctive entrepreneurship and diversity of activity will stand it in good stead for years to come.


Lakshman Premachandra
Group Chairman