About us

Seetha Holdings private limited founded in late seventies by Deshamanya Deshabandu L M G Premachandra as a small business venture. Presently its headed by Deshadandu Lakshman Premachandra. All these years Seetha Holdings has been guided by the said visionary leader. Its ambitious journey towards excellence has been governed by a strong value system. Our Customer Centricity, Innovativeness, Integrity, teamwork always made us to be the leader in all the business sectors we engaged in.

We have diversified our business in to many sectors all these years. Our business excellence is in,

  • Consumer electronics & Furniture
  • Manufacturing sector
  • Pharmaceutical & Channeling centers
  • Fuel Stations & Petroleum products
  • Hospitality management
  • Micro financing
  • Distribution & logistics

We have over 750 employees in Seetha Holdings family. We are an equal opportunity provider and also we believe in building futures of our employees and also all our stake holders too.